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Share Your Story - Module 1

There’s probably a part of you that says “I promote my products and services every day with emails to my subscriber lists. I buy online ads and have decent word-of-mouth referrals. Why should I worry about pitching stories about my business or products to the media?” Module 1 - The Importance of Stories shows why finding and sharing unique stories is just as important for growing your business as advertising and marketing.

Share Your Story - Module 2

For many business owners, publicity means “press release.” You may have distributed a release or two, and that’s good. But great publicity is about more than a canned news announcement about the new CEO or a new product launch.

Module 2 - Publicity 101 is about sharing your unique story with media/press contacts in ways that set you apart from the thousands of business owners seeking their attention.

Share Your Story - Module 3

There’s a secret sauce for great stories: passion. Storytellers believe in their heroes with a passion and fervor that makes listeners/readers want more. Too often, entrepreneurs populate websites, social media, and publications with laundry lists meant to prove how cool a product is. Module 3 - Your Business as the Hero is a superhero story - one about your business. Can you tell it with passion?

Share Your Story - Module 4

If your writing experience encompasses emails and the occasional online form, don’t worry. You don’t need to be Stephen King to write a compelling story. What’s required is good background information, a basic understanding of spelling and grammar, and a little imagination. Module 4 - Writing Your First Pitch is about making the most noise to elevate your story above the hundreds of others hitting reporters' inboxes every day.

Share Your Story - Module 5

One of the most difficult parts of the publicity process is finding the right media to pitch. The knee-jerk reaction for many business owners is to send information to every media outlet in the universe. Reporters, editors, bloggers, and other media receive hundreds—perhaps thousands—of inquiries a month. Do you think they read every one? No chance. Module 5 - Finding Your Audience outlines how to research, identify, and organize press contacts who are right for your story.

Share Your Story - Module 6

All the pieces are in place: it's time to make your first media pitch. Grabbing the media’s attention and nailing the coverage demands that you stand out among the hundreds of emails reporters and bloggers receive every week. Module 6 - Making the Pitch describes why every outreach must start with a strong email subject line and include powerful information that entices your press contacts to read more.

Share Your Story - Module 7

Your first publicity pitch is out the door. Take a breath and settle in. Now, the waiting game starts…at least for a few days. Though control has shifted to your media contacts and their interest in your story, there are important preparations to be made. Module 7 - Responding and Following Up covers how to prepare for media replies or what to do if no one responds - a harsh reality but not a sign of failure.

Share Your Story - Module 8

Today, small business owners and entrepreneurs have myriad options to monitor, collect, organize, and report on publicity placements. There are both free and paid services, and if you can afford it, the latter is the way to go to save time and get the broadest coverage. Module 8 - Monitoring and Measuring Results provides free and paid options for tracking publicity and what press coverage really means.

Share Your Story - Module 9

Regardless of the outcome, every pitch you write is a living, breathing, multi-purpose publicity tool. Even if the media passes on sharing your story, you can use the pitch information for promotion via other channels. Module 9 - Keeping Your Publicity Moving describes the Publicity Reuse – Repurpose – Recycle method and other ways to share your story via your website, social media, and other channels.

Share Your Story - BONUS Module

Ask most business owners what “PR” is and a common answer is “a press release.” And they’re right…to an extent. Press releases, like the media pitch you recently completed, are part of a broader public relations strategy. Press releases are great for small business owners and entrepreneurs who lack the funds to hire public relations help. In this BONUS Module - Press Release Writing, you'll learn how press releases can be effective PR tools if created with the same care and attention to detail as media pitches.

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