Dave Clifton
Thirty-plus years' PR & storytelling experience
Small-business owner
Loves family, his two pups, music, and the outdoors
Wants to help you tell your stories

Everyone has a story to tell...

I love a great story and I have Stephen King to thank for it. I read Carrie, his first book, when I was in high school. I was hooked. My sophomore year I joined the school newspaper and never looked back. In college, I wrote for The Salt Lake Tribune and learned the value of sharing stories that evoke emotion and drive people to action.

For me, there's no better way to draw a mental picture than sharing intricate details about life in written and verbal form. My career spans 30-plus years in newspaper, public relations, corporate communications, and freelance PR. The common thread is, and always will be, stories.

I'm blessed with a combined knowledge of what makes a great story and how to get it heard. Newspaper reporting afforded me myriad opportunities to hone the one skill every storyteller must master: listening. Impactful stories often hide in the background. That's why I never put fingers to keyboard until I've listened to every detail. Those details are what make – or break – a great story.


When I made the jump from journalism to PR, I quickly learned that writing stories and getting stories written are very different beasts. PR weaves tales to influence behavior, usually for a company looking to attract more customers. There’s something exciting about getting media coverage for a new product or coordinating a promotional event that attracts hundreds of people – and then watching a client celebrate increased sales because of the publicity. 

I've pitched stories to media around the world. I'm particularly proud of two placements I secured for a nutritional ingredient manufacturer in The Wall Street Journal. The thrill was just as strong after nailing down coverage on a local TV station for a Salt Lake-based mining company. Both placements were hard to get. But through informative storytelling, I've helped clients grab the attention of TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, blogs, and podcasts.


I believe with my whole being that everyone has a story to tell. Being heard – especially by the media – is hard. That's why I created Share Your Story.


I want to help small business owners and entrepreneurs share purposeful information about products and services they have to offer. As a small-business owner, I understand the need to get messages out to a broad audience as quickly and effectively as possible.


I also get that budgets for PR can be tight – or non-existent. I'm keeping Share Your Story affordable and accessible for that very reason. Great publicity doesn't have to cost big bucks if you're willing to put the time and effort into doing it yourself.

So, let's move and starting sharing YOUR stories. I'm excited to join you on the journey!


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