Dave Clifton
Principal, MovePR, LLC

I’ve always loved telling stories. There’s no better way to draw a mental picture than sharing intricate details about life in written and verbal form. It’s why I started my career as a newspaper reporter and eventually moved to storytelling through public relations.


PR is one of the ultimate forms of weaving tales to influence behavior. There’s something exciting about getting media coverage for a new product or coordinating a promotional event that attracts hundreds of people – and then watching a client celebrate increased sales because of the publicity.

MovePR is all about storytelling. I started the company to help others share purposeful information about products and services they have to offer. As a small business, I understand the need to get messages out to a broad audience as quickly and effectively as possible. That’s why each strategic plan is developed with your specific publicity needs in mind.


Like your stories, the way I tell them is unique and impactful.


Let MovePR take your publicity to new heights.